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BEYOND teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is today one of the most popular aesthetic treatments used in dentistry. It is the culmination of completed dental treatment and emphasizes a beautiful and healthy smile! Because the most beautiful decoration of any outfit is … Your beautiful smile!

Book your professional, office teeth whitening treatment! Safely, during one visit and with professional enamel protection. In addition, we will do a free medical consultation before the procedure!


  • Beyond lamp whitens teeth by several shades according to the VITA scale
  • this treatment gives up to 30% better results than home/night whitening
  • whitening with Beyond lamp is a 100% safe method (it does not irritate the nerves and does not damage the enamel)
  • the treatment lasts only 1 hour, and the effect is even 2 years!

Before the whitening procedure it is worth removing plaque and tartar from your enamel – which is why we have prepared a prophylactic set – scaling, sandblasting and polishing with fluoride. You can find more details >> HERE.

Because a beautiful smile always suits you!

BEYOND tooth whitening treatment is now PLN 800 or PLN 1100 with a teeth scale & polish!

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