Luxdentic - Dentist in Warsaw - Pricing


We treat our Patients comprehensively, using the best materials and modern dental equipment. The medical experience and commitment of our doctors guarantee the highest quality of treatment.

This price list provides approximate prices, and the detailed cost of treatment will be offered during the visit.

New Patient Consultation (incl. a comprehensive clinical assessment and a treatment plan)130 zł
Consultation with Specialist130 zł
White fillings280-420 zł
Aesthetic fillings Enamel420-560 zł
Cervical filling250 zł
Temporarty filling180 zł
ICON white spot removal300 zł for 1 tooth
ICON white spot removal1200 zł for 1 arch
Bonding700 zł for 1 tooth
Anesthesia35 zł
Inhalation sedation150 zł for first 1/2h
Scaling170-220 zł
Sand blasting180-230 zł
Fluoridation100-150 zł
Scaling & sand blasting330-350 zł
Hygiene appointment (scaling, sand blasting & fluorine)400 zł
BEYOND teeth whitening990 zł
BEYOND teeth whitening & hygiene1300 zł
Home teeth whitening1200 zł
Tooth whitening after root canal treatment150 zł for 1 tooth
Tooth hypersensitivity treatment30 zł for 1 tooth
Large X-ray100 zł
Small X-ray40 zł
CBCTfrom 130 zł
Orthodontist consultation150-200 zł
Consultation with diagnostic models200-400 zł
Diagnostics with treatment plan (2 visits)300-450 zł
Fixed metal classic 1 arch2400 zł
Fixed braces Damon Q 1 arch3600 zł
Fixed braces Damon Clear 1 arch5000 zł
Fixed aesthetic crystal braces 1 arch3500 zł
Invisalign bracesfrom 7000 zł
Carriere Dystalizer900 zł
Ortodontic Mini-implant1000 zł
Herbst Hinges4500 zł
Check up (metal fixed braces 2 arches)300 zł
Check up (aesthetic fixed braces 2 arches)300 zł
Check up (Damon braces 2 arches)300 zł
Check up (movable braces)80 zł
Movable bracesfrom 650 zł
Implantologist Consultation130 zł
Neodent implant3000 zł
Straumann implant3200 zł
Healing for dental implant350 zł
Check ups during dental implant treatment0 zł
Dental implant crown (incl. abutment)from 3200 zł – 3500 zł
Implant-based dentures (movable, on locators)from 4500 zł for 1 arch
All-On-4 dentures (fixed)20 000 zł for 1 arch
Prosthetic consultation130 zł
Full-ceramic crown CEREC2200 zł
Full-ceramic crown on zirconium2000 zł
Composite Veneers850 zł
Porcelain Veneers CEREC2200 zł
Composite Inlay/Onlay1000 zł
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay2000 zł
Crown-root insert500-600 zł
Fiberglass reconstruction500 zł
Relaxation overlay (bruxism)600 zł
Endodontist consultation130 zł
Root canal treatment (1 root)700 zł*
Root canal treatment (2 roots)900 zł*
Root canal treatment (3 roots)1100 zł*
Root canal treatment (4 roots)1250
Extra root canal treatment250 zł
Root canal re-treatment+100 zł-200 zł (to root canal treatment)
Removal of the broken tool from the root canal450 zł
*the price includes: canal cleaning & canal filling, anesthesia, small X-rays
First child visit70 zł
Teeth sealing130-160 zł
Colour filling180 zł
Fluoridation 2 arches120 zł
Tooth extraction (incl. local anesthesia)150-500 zł
Surgical extraction of retained tooth600 zł
Root resection (tooth 1-4)400 zł
Root resection (tooth 5-8)600 zł
Removal of a foreign body from the sinus1200 zł
Bone augmentationfrom 1800 zł
Coverage of gum recession700-1200 zł
Gummy smile correctionfrom 2 500 zł for 1 arch
Undercutting the frenulum under anesthesia200 zł
Surgical stiches90 zł
Mucosal changes treatment50 zł
Rinsing the gingival pouch and drug application50 zł
Jaw sinus surgery300 zł
Closed curettagefrom 300 zł
Open cureattegefrom 800 zł
The extension of the clinical crown400 zł for 1 tooth
Gummy smile correction2500 zł
Splinting teeth with fiberglass150 zł for 1 tooth