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Scale and polish

Scale and polish is a treatment involving cleaning your teeth from plaque and tartar. This is also the first step towards healthy and beautiful teeth and gums!

Tooth scaling is a procedure that removes tartar, which accumulates upper side of the teeth. Tartar is formed above and below the gums. It is an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease, i.e. periodontitis.

Tooth polishing is a dental procedure that involves the removal of deposits, discoloration and plaque from your enamel. A dentist or hygienist performs the procedure using a sandblaster. This is a special device that directs the stream of dental sand to the teeth. Polishing is a complementary treatment for scaling.

Removal of tartar and deposits are treatments that precede most dental procedures.

So if you plan to whiten your teeth, put on the orthodontic braces, or even have a white filling, you should first clean your teeth from the plaque and tartar. In addition, scale and polish performed every six months increases the protection of teeth and prevents periodontitis. It also strengthens teeth and increases their resistance to decay!

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