Czyszczenie zębów z kamienia i osadów - bezpiecznie i z ochroną szkliwa

Teeth scaling and sandblasting

skaling, piaskowanie

Teeth cleaning is a series of procedures involving the removal of tartar (scaling) and deposits (sandblasting) from the surface of the teeth. It is also the first step to healthy and beautiful teeth and gums! Discover all the benefits of professional hygiene treatments.

Scaling and sandblasting give results that have an extremely good effect on our health and well-being:

✅ your teeth are naturally brightened and free of discoloration (teeth are even a few shades whiter!)
✅ you get rid of tartar, which is the cause of caries or periodontitis
✅ your teeth are smooth and shiny (as a result of polishing teeth after cleaning)
✅ your teeth are protected against caries, the enamel is strengthened (thanks to the fluoridation treatment)

Cleaning teeth from tartar and deposits is the perfect preparation of teeth for the whitening treatment with the BEYOND lamp or whitening braces – also called night whitening or home whitening.

Why making an appointment for hygienization with a certified hygienist is so important?

✅ during the procedure the hygienist will instruct you on oral hygiene
✅ she will teach you the correct techniques of brushing your teeth
✅ she will help you choose a toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash or irrigator.

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