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Dental hygiene

To have a beautiful smile, regular oral hygiene is essential. Daily brushing, using dental floss and rinsing teeth may not be enough. That’s why regular check ups of your teeth condition as well as treatments to protect teeth from decay are so important in maintaining health and oral hygiene.

Among the oral prophylaxis treatments used by our dentists, the most important are: scaling – tartar removal, sandblasting – teeth cleaning from plaque, fluoridation and sealing.


The sandblasting treatment removes plaque and discoloration caused by, among others: smoking, coffee, tea, drinks. Depending on the condition of the teeth, it should be performed every few months.

Sand blasting is carried out using a special apparatus in which sodium bicarbonate, water and air are mixed. Such a mixture, escaping under high pressure from a special tip, allows effective removal of deposits from the enamel surface.

Sand blasting is also used as a preparation for teeth whitening and scaling.


Removal of tartar – scaling – is a necessary treatment for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. Scaling should be performed 1-2 times a year, and in the case of inflammatory lesions of the gums, even 3-6 times a year.

Removal of tartar in its early form protects the teeth from further revealing the necks of the teeth, which is why scaling is recommended for people with a tendency to periodontitis.


After professional teeth cleaning it is advisable to coat teeth with fluoride. Fluoride coating (fluoridation) strengthens teeth and causes greater resistance to decay. Professional fluoridation should be performed at least twice a year.

Patients visiting Luxdentic clinics can use each of these services both in the form of a single treatment and a comprehensive package of all the services mentioned above.

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