Facial Aesthetic

Facial aesthetic is a part of medicine that improves the appearance. By improving your appearance, we also improve your well-being and quality of life. Through a series of non-invasive treatments that improve the condition of your skin, reduce defects or improve the face oval, we make a positive influence on your self-esteem.

Facial aesthetic treatments are now performed by doctors in dental offices, where it helps doctors in getting you a beautiful smile. Correction of lip contour or lip enlargement, filling facial wrinkles with botox or hyaluronic acid make your skin more elastic and the face gets expressive, youthful contours. Hyaluronic acid treatments are also a proven method of treating bruxism (grinding of teeth). Facial aesthetic is therefore a group of treatments that are a natural complement to dental treatment.

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A healthy smile is not only healthy teeth – it is also a healthy and beautiful lips, smooth skin around the lips, well-groomed face. The smile is real when not only the lips laugh, but a real smile is the expression of the whole face.

Choose the effect you want to get


  • Skin revitalizing treatments aimed at deep nourishing and moisturizing the skin, so it increases skin elasticity, the skin is illuminated, and small wrinkles are smoothed out: needle mesotherapy, Dermapen microneedle mesotherapy, needles PRX-T33 skin biorevalization.
  • Treatments using fillers (hyaluronic acid): to replace the lost volume of soft tissues, remove deep wrinkles and the effects of skin aging. Treatments can also be used for face modeling.
  • Botox treatments – mainly for the purpose of liquidation of dynamic wrinkles, but also in the correction of a smile (the so-called gummy smile), eyebrow line modeling. Botox is also successfully used for therapeutic purposes, for example in the prevention of hyperhidrosis or treatment of bruxism.

What do we offer you?

  • professional, medical consultation based on our experience and your expectations
  • an optimal treatment plan by combining knowledge in the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
  • access to doctors who have extensive experience in facial aesthetics and in the use of various types of medical procedures

Meet our expert

Magdalena Kerner, dentysta warszawa, stomatolog warszawa

Dr Magdalena Kerner
Expert in the field of: preservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry (Enamel, ICON, teeth whitening), facial aesthetics

She graduated from the Medical University of Lublin, and completed a postgraduate internship at the Central Military Medical Clinic CePeLek in Warsaw. Already during the studies she was interested in global trends in teeth aesthetic restoration. During studies, she was a member of the Polish Society of Dentistry Students. She constantly improves her medical qualifications by participating in trainings, courses and conferences concerning mainly conservative and aesthetic dentistry. At Luxdentic, she deals with conservative and aesthetic dentistry, in particular with the use of Enamel and ICON.

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