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Dental prosthetics at Luxdentic includes treatments aiming at restoring damaged or lost teeth, reconstructing their natural appearance and functions, and improving teeth aesthetics.

Prosthetics in Warsaw, Prague and Ursynów

In order for the results of such prosthetic treatment to be fully effective, our doctors are experienced specialists who use the latest prosthetic technology based on the Sirona scanner, 3D technique. Thanks to Sirona digital scanning, we do not do traditional impressions, we only scan teeth with 3D intraoral camera. The result of the scan is a 3D image of the patient’s teeth in the computer. Next, the shape of the tooth is designed – thanks to the computer technology it is made precisely, because the doctor sees the image enlarged. The shape is based on the doctor’s knowledge and patient’s suggestions, which guarantees satisfaction with the procedure.


3D digital prosthetics is a wide range of tooth restoration from the crown, bridge or reconstruction on implants up to the reconstruction of teeth after root canal treatment like onlay, inlay or overlay, as well as dental veneers.

Why digital prosthetics?

Digital prosthetics is a precision on a single tooth scale. The main advantage of such reconstruction is the accuracy of reconstructing the anatomical shape of the tooth crown, especially in hard to reach places and speed of execution, because the treatment would last 1-3 days.

Prosthetic restorations such as full-ceramic crown or porcelain veneer do not have a metal foundation. Thanks to this, they have a more natural appearance and are more natural and healthier for our body. The porcelain bridge restoration is made on the zirconium substructure, currently considered the most aesthetic in dentistry. Thanks to 3D scanning, the treatment is extremely fast and precise.

It is also a time saving for the Patient, because the average time to perform prosthetic restoration based on 3D scanning is about 1-3 days, depending on the type of work performed and on the patient’s medical conditions.

Prosthetics in Luxdentic is also prosthetic restorations based on implants. We have more than 10 years of experience in implantology. We use implants from the most reputable companies in the world, like Swiss Straumann and AnyRidge, thanks to which we can offer our patients a lifetime guarantee on our implants.

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Our experts

Dr Dariusz Ćwik
Expert in the field of: prosthetics, implant-based restoration, endodontics

A graduate of the Medical University of Bialystok. He is constantly expanding his medical knowledge, taking active part in numerous dental training and conferences developing his practical skills. Particularly interested in modern prosthetic treatment and endodontics. In Luxdentic, he deals with fixed prosthetics (crowns, prosthetic bridges, veneers, cast and root canal inserts and glass fibers), movable (skeletal dentures and settling prostheses), implant-based prosthetics (crowns and prostheses on implants), as well as bruxism (grinding of teeth). He provides his patients with the highest quality of services and an individual approach. Privately, an admirer of active recreation, including football. He spends his free time traveling around interesting corners of Poland and around the world.

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Dr Julian Syvak
Expert in the field of: prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry

A graduate of the medical and dental faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw. In his work at Luxdentic, he focuses on digital dental prosthetics using the intraoral scanner. He plans prosthetic reconstructions in the CEREC system. He also performs smile reconstructions in the field of aesthetic dentistry. During his work, he uses the latest treatment techniques that increase Patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction motivates him to constantly improve his skills through courses and trainings.

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