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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (endodontics) involves removing dead or inflamed tooth pulp and tightly filling the root canal system with dental material.

Root canal treatment is used when the pulp of the tooth (commonly referred to as the nerve) is infected and it is inflamed. Not treating the pulp of the tooth can lead to serious complications, eg. abscess.

Do not hesitate to visit the dentist if the tooth:

  • changes color to a darker, other than healthy teeth,
  • is sensitive to biting, temperature changes, touch,
  • it is cracked or broken,
  • a bubble appears on the gum near the tooth, from which oil seeps.
Thanks to the use of modern tools and methods, root canal treatment gives us the opportunity to save a tooth. Remember that a tooth extraction is an irreversible decision, causing in the future the need to supplement the toothlessness.
leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem

Why do patients trust us?


In order for the Patient to feel comfortable during the procedure, we use an individually selected method of anesthesia, including inhalation sedation (so-called laughing gas). Therefore there is no reason to fear pain or unnecessary stress. During canal treatment, we also rinse the canals which improves the effectiveness of treatment.


We use modern canal tools to guarantee 100% treatment effectiveness. The microscopes used in our treatments are world-class optics that allow us to work enlarged to “look” into 4mm diameter ducts! Advanced endodontics also include endometers and radiovisiography as well as precise channel filling techniques.


We work with 20-times magnification during root canal treatment! In our offices we use precise observation with the help of modern dental microscopes, thanks to which the accuracy and the effectiveness of treatment are significantly increased. The microscope enables the treatment of difficult cases where the only solution so far has been to remove the tooth.

Stages of root canal treatment

  1. removing infected pulp from the tooth chamber and root canals,
  2. measuring the length of the canals, widening them using machine and manual tools, and rinsing with antiseptic preparations,
  3. closing root canals with liquid gutta-percha and verifying the correctness of the canal filling with an X-ray image,
  4. closing of the tooth chamber and rebuilding of the tooth crown with a composite or inlay/onlay or prosthetics [all-ceramic crown].

What do we do?

remove broken and left tools in the canal

find all, atypically located channels

precise cleaning and filling of curved channels

treatment of very narrow or calcified channels

re-root canal treatment, i.e. removing the old fill from the canals

removal of old, metal inserts, cements and prosthetic screws

treatment through crowns and bridges without removing or destroying it

cleaning and filling canals for prosthetics, eg. porcelain crown

Our experts in endodontics

Piotr Majewski, endodonta warszawa, endodoncja warszawa, dobry endodonta warszawa, leczenie kanałowe pod mikroskopem warszawa

Dr Piotr Majewski
Expert in the field of: endodontics

He obtained the diploma of a dentist in 2000, becoming a graduate of the Medical Academy in Bialystok. Since then, he regularly participated in many courses on root canal treatment, which, combined with many years of practice, allowed him to achieve professionalism in this field. Dr Majewski has many years of dental experience in the field of endodontics, deals with the microscopic treatment of complicated endodontic cases, including repeated root canal treatment, removal of broken tools from channels, or development of additional channels.

Dr Natallia Hanusevich
Expert in the field of: endodontics, preservative dentistry

A graduate of the Warsaw Medical University. She deals mainly with root canal treatment under the microscope, conservative and aesthetic dentistry. She constantly extends practical and theoretical knowledge through participation in trainings and conferences in Poland and abroad. The work gives her great satisfaction. Doctor is extremely calm and patient, empathic and committed, which translates into high quality of work and cooperation with the patient. She is interested in travels and cuisines of the world, learns foreign languages for memory improvement. All this helps her with a broader understanding of the world.

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